Our Services -tax, Accounting & Business Advisory

Corporate Tax and Planning

  • Corporate taxes are complex due to changing tax laws. You need a team of Chartered Professional Accountants with experience and up to date knowledge to help you navigate through complex corporate tax rules and regulations.  Our firm will provide you a trustworthy service to make sure your corporate tax return is accurate and in compliance with all current Tax Laws.

Business Advisory for corporations

  • You need an accounting firm that understands all aspect of your business.  We go beyond analyzing numbers.  We find opportunity behind them to help your business grow. We offer wide range of business advisory services including financial management,  cash flow management,  Business  planning,  merger and acquisitions, human resources issues, recruiting  your staff and lot more. We can also help you  in

  1. Incorporation of company 
  2. Section 85 rollover
  3. Business registration
  4. Master business license
  5. CRA Audits
  6. Year-end
  7. Office automation
  8. Acquisition and merger
  9. Corporate tax return
  10. Excel training
  11. Internal audit

Personal Tax/Business Income/Tax Planning / Terminal Return / Rental Income /Non-resident Return

  • We are committed in getting you maximum tax refund by finding all tax savings opportunities. Your tax return will be on time with accurate information. We will develop sound tax planning to make sure you take advantage of all the latest tax exemptions and claim all eligible expenses. When time comes to pass on your wealth to next generation, we can help you in estate planning.

Small Business Owner

  • We understand that as a small business owner, you are busy in taking care of your business. You don’t have time to think about tax planning or keeping up to date with tax rules/regulations. Whether you have retail/manufacturing business or rental income, we provide reliable service of tax planning and electronically file (E-File) your tax returns. Our team will ensure that you are in compliance with tax laws.  

Business from Home:

  • If you choose to have a home office for your business, we will tell you what expenses you can claim from your home office without impacting tax exemption of personal home property. You can claim a portion of mortgage interest, property tax, insurance, utilities, maintenance, security and storage space as home office expenses. However, there are some expenses you shouldn’t claim as home office. In addition, a bed-and-breakfast business may qualify as work space in the home.  

Commission Income:

  • We provide tax solutions for clients earning commission income. We will make sure that your tax return includes all eligible claims.    


  • We understand how difficult it is to manage your tuition fee as well as other expenses related to your education. We provide reliable tax planning so you can maximize your tuition fee credits and continue with your studies without having to worry about the taxes. 


  • There are a number of common credits for seniors. For example, age amount, pension income splitting, disability amount, medical expenses etc. We will go through each tax credit opportunity applicable to your return in order to maximise your tax refund.

Non Residents

A non resident earning income (business or rental) should to file tax return in order to reduce tax liability.

Not for Profit (Charity)

  • We prepare CRA annual Not-for-Profit tax return. You need a knowledgeable CPA firm with extensive experience on Not-for-Profit CRA compliance as well as preparing fund statements. Our experienced partner Manonita (Nita) Das brings wealth of knowledge in this field. We can also help you in setting up GL accounts, HST credit etc.

Financial Statement Compilation (NTR), Review & Audit assistance, and Budget

  • Financial Statements is an important document to measure the financial health of your business. We will prepare Financial Statements in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and help you understand what numbers are telling you. It is important that you keep a fair balance between current liability and current assets and monitor cash flows of your business. Your financial institution determines financial health of your business based on accurate Financial Statements and accordingly makes lending decisions. Financial Statements prepared by us, will increase your business profile as well as help you negotiate lower interest rate on business financing.  
  • You need year-end Financial Statements for filing corporate tax returns. CRA requires that a corporation prepare year-end Financial Statements (i.e. Notice to Reader or Review or Audit) at the time of filling corporate tax return. Financial Statements prepared/signed by our firm give a confidence to the reader because CPA designation reflects in-depth accounting knowledge as well as adherence to highest level of ethical code of conduct.
  • As a small business owner, sometimes you don’t have time or expertise to prepare weekly/monthly/annual budget. Budgeting is a powerful tool to help you set target. We will help you prepare monthly/annual budget which will challenge you to go further in finding opportunities for your business. 
  • Budget will guide you in the right direction for achieving your company financial goals.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • We can set up a bookkeeping system at your office and train your staff. This is a cost effective approach where your staff will perform day-to-day bookkeeping (e.g. writing cheques, creating sales invoice etc.) under our supervision, and we will take care of all other related responsibilities including:

  1. Payroll Services
  2. HST Return 
  3. WSIB Return
  4. T4 &T5 Slips
  5. T4 &T5 Annual Returns
  6. Controllership 
  7. Monthly Financial Reports
  8. Cash Flow Analysis 

  • If you prefer, we can also help you in maintaining bookkeeping records at our office. We are expert in Simply Accounting, Quick Books,& Raiser's/Financial Edge

Business Advisory

Our unique Business advisory services include expert advice to ensure your business plan is sustainable and ready to meet challenge of current business environment. Below is list of some Business Advisory service we provide:   

  • Internal Audit Assistance 
  • Credit Management
  • Excel Training
  • E-mail set up 
  • Software Installation 
  • Lease vs. Buy analysis
  • Incorporation and business Start Up 
  • Master Business License
  • Salary or Dividend Analysis
  • Buying or Selling Business
  • Closing a Incorporated Company
  • Partnership Registration

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