what our clients are Saying ?

Heather Jacobs , Life Lifter Ministries

Nita has been very professional and thorough when doing the taxes for our non-profit work. She not only made sure that everything was done accurately, she taught us how to do some of the paperwork. We have always felt that we could rest at ease concerning our charity as we knew we were in the very capable hands of Nita, who double-checked everything. We heartily recommend Nita as your accountant

Marian ( Personal tax)

Hi Nita,

Thanks a lot you for your reply—comprehensive and very well-itemized!   It was very nice meeting you and I enjoyed our conversation at your office yesterday.  Also I appreciate the cordiality of our conversation and time that you have taken to ensure that all my questions are being answered

Lynne Tomlinson, Small Business Owner

As a small business owner what I like best about Sunil is his quick response to my questions and his willingness to take the time to explain both the advantages and disadvantages

Shawn Ryan , President, Prehistoric Home Ltd.

Sunil and Nita LLP has been my accountant ever since I moved my company from Alberta to Ontario. He has been a significant part of , both, the success of my business and my knowledge and competency as a businessman. He pays close attention to the details (performing dual roles of book-keeping and accountant) as well taking the time to ensure I understand principles of accounting and taxation and how that applies to my company. He has also created a detailed analysis of my cash flow and revenue and translated that into an excellent foundation for my business plan. He is always there for advice and cheerfully tackles every challenge I present him with. With his integrity and intelligence , Sunil Kumar has been a definite asset to my business and I would recommend him and his services without hesitation

Leah V

We have had only great experiences working with Sunil and Nita for our taxes.  They are kind and patient when answering questions, they get back to you with answers quickly and always give good reminders and feedback for tax purposes.   They have helped us with both business and personal taxes and we would highly recommend them, even if you are a pensioner or a student.  We have recommended them to family and friends.  They are fair and knowledgeable and genuinely nice people.

Salomi Ratnagrahi

I want to take this time to thank Sunil and Nita for providing excellent income tax service I was seeking. I sought their expertise as a second opinion on an involved tax situation. I was impressed by their professionalism, timely turnaround and overall experience. I gladly referred some of my contacts to Sunil. If you are looking for trustworthy and competent tax advice I would encourage you to give Sunil and Nita a call

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